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Does Seattle suck now? A snarky sticker sparks a conversation about Amazon and the changing city

“A lot of us who are from Seattle, we talk about how it’s just out of control. They have overdeveloped Seattle,” Hadrann said, when asked why he put up the sticker. And while he’s quick to blame city government — including everyone from the Council to the Mayor’s office to the department of Planning and Development — Amazon gets a fair share of Hadrann’s ire. “Their business practice is predatory,” he said. “They put out how many thousands of bookstores? Doesn’t matter if it’s a shoe company, doesn’t matter whether it’s a chocolate factory. Thank God they can’t do repair service … so that’s what I do.” Hadrann is thankful that he not only owns his business, but the building it occupies. Wright Bros. Cycle Works has occupied the same Seattle space since 1984. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser) In a place where  Suzie Burke is famous for owning much of the neighborhood, Hadrann calls his small slice a “linchpin,” surrounded in all directions by Burke properties. Thirty-four years ago, Hadrann paid less than $100,000 for the two-story, 1907 building. A faded printout of a picture, taped behind one counter in the shop, shows the property as a McDonald’s Price Rite and Percy’s meat store back in 1937.

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